Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Report # 2

The second Epistle of Nobby to the Ozzies Wed 5 July 15.50 —

I am now in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguazu (280,000) and have decided not to stay so am leaving tonight for Sao Paulo - 16 hr trip for $50.

Had an enjoyable stay in Posadas though not as successful in seeing the people as we had hoped. But had a good rest then 400 kms north to Puerto Iguazu small town totally dedicated to tourism. Pretty and pleasant, stayed in a hostel after having met som yoiung UK travellers on the bus. (I have 6 mins left so may not get a lot done.) Visited the Falls which are humungous but have not had rain since last summer so very very low and I guess only 10 of normal volume but still huge.I walked all the paths they had which was about 6-8 kms and took lots of fotos.

Left this morn from there to cross the border and that took a lonnnng time thru waiting for buses and not knowing where to get off and so going too far then having to get another bus back to the international terminal. But am here now and have a few hours wait then o/nite to SP. Big hugs to all and will flesh this out next time.